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moving from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach

Moving from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach SC 🌆 🏖️ | Guide + Tips from the Best Charlotte to Myrtle Beach Movers

Last Updated on: 4th December 2023, 10:38 am

Moving can often be stressful, no matter how far you’re traveling. You may be moving from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach for several reasons. Perhaps you’re getting ready to retire and want to be closer to the beach or your family. Maybe you were recently offered a new job opportunity, or you’re looking for a broader range of housing options. Whatever your motivations, Make a Move is here to make your transition simple and stress free, with affordable moving services designed to achieve your goals. Trust our award-winning Charlotte to Myrtle Beach movers to take you where you need to go.

What Is Moving from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach Like?

Moving from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach can be a big change in scenery. While there are fantastic benefits to living in both cities, Charlotte is more of a financial and cultural hub, whereas Myrtle Beach is more of a resort town and vacation destination. Myrtle Beach is in Horry County, South Carolina in the northeastern part of the state. Located along the Atlantic Coast just south of the North Carolina border, Myrtle Beach is known for its sandy beaches, world-class golf courses, and many attractions. You will find a wide variety of fun things to do in Myrtle Beach, from spending the day relaxing along the Grand Stand to shopping along the boardwalk.

Adults will find plenty of entertainment options and fun things to do in Myrtle Beach with kids. Although it’s known as a vacation spot, there are still plenty of full-time residents, and the Myrtle Beach population is 37,100. The weather is another major selling point, and the average temperature in Myrtle Beach typically varies from the low 40s to the high 80s.

The Myrtle Beach real estate market is very affordable for a resort town, and the median listing price for a home is only $298,000. The average rent is also just $1,600 per month, while the median household income is $45,701. People move from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach to enjoy the resort lifestyle and relaxed pace. It’s a popular destination for retirees and those who work in the hospitality and entertainment business. From the fantastic restaurants in Myrtle Beach to the award-winning beaches, there are countless reasons why you may consider making the move.


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Benefits of Moving from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach

Even though there are many reasons to consider moving to Myrtle Beach, living in Charlotte also has a lot to offer as well. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the cities and why you may consider moving from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach.


Cost of living: Although the cost of living in both cities is reasonable compared to the national average, Myrtle Beach is less expensive. Housing prices are about 40% lower, while restaurants are about 24% lower, and groceries are 20% lower, making the overall Myrtle Beach cost of living much more affordable.


Crime rate: While the crime rate in both cities is higher than the national average, the overall crime rate in Myrtle Beach is higher. The total crime rate in Myrtle Beach is 84% higher than in Charlotte, while the violent crime rate is 49% higher, while the property crime rate is 91% higher.


Median home price: Housing prices are much cheaper in Myrtle Beach compared to Charlotte. The median listing price for a home in Myrtle Beach is $298,000 compared to 405,000 in Charlotte, which is 30.5% lower.


Neighborhoods and diversity: Charlotte is more diverse than Myrtle Beach and features a larger number of district neighborhoods. However, there are more than 15 distinct communities in Myrtle Beach, including North Myrtle, Conway, Little River, Pawleys Island, and more.


Weather: The climate of both Charlotte and Myrtle Beach is very similar. But, being further south and located along the coast has its benefits. Winters in Charlotte tend to be cooler, and it gets more snow. Myrtle Beach tends to get more rainfall, although the summers tend to be comparable in terms of temperature and humidity. But Myrtle Beach receives a nice, cool breeze from the ocean.


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Things to do: You’ll find plenty of fun things to do in Myrtle Beach and Charlotte, although they each offer something unique. Myrtle Beach attractions tend to be more vacation-oriented with its many beaches, golf courses, and bustling boardwalk. Charlotte offers more cultural attractions, including museums, parks, live entertainment, and craft breweries. Some of the best restaurants in Myrtle Beach also rival those in Charlotte, although being a smaller city, you will find less variety.


Schools and education: Both cities have a decent school system. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system is much larger and features a wider variety of different options. Charlotte also has several colleges and universities, including the University of North Carolina. Myrtle Beach is more a haven for vacationers and retirees than families, although it also offers decent public schools, and 80% of Horry County Schools were rated good or excellent in the 2021-2022 school year. 


Public transportation/traffic: Charlotte has a larger and more expansive public transportation system but also experiences more traffic. The Charlotte Area Transit System operates more than 70 local and regional buses, whereas the Coast RTA in Myrtle operates about half that amount. However, Charlotte residents spend about 25 minutes per day commuting to work, compared to 19 minutes in Myrtle. 


Culture/vibe: Each city offers a unique vibe and culture. Charlotte offers more history and a small-town feel with big-city amenities. Myrtle Beach offers more of a coastal resort vibe with fewer museums and art galleries and more outdoor recreation and beaches.


Sports: Myrtle Beach has no professional sports teams, while Charlotte has the Carolina Panthers in the NFL and Charlotte Hornets in the NBA.


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Charlotte to Myrtle Beach Movers

Hiring professional movers will make the job far less stressful, regardless of your reasoning for moving from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach. Charlotte to Myrtle Beach long-distance movers offer a range of services that will benefit you in countless ways.

Some of the services offered by Charlotte long-distance movers include:

  • Professional moving coordinators are available to organize the entire process
  • High-quality boxes and packing materials used
  • Packing services performed by trained professionals
  • Loading and unloading all your furniture, boxes, and belongings into and out of the truck
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture and large items
  • Transportation to your final destination
  • Storage available before or after your relocation
  • Furniture placed in the appropriate rooms

Trained Myrtle Beach interstate movers will simplify your life in more ways than one. Movers save time and reduce stress by handling the entire project from start to finish. Trained professionals will have the knowledge and professional experience you need to handle the job from start to finish. Charlotte interstate movers will prep your home on both ends of the journey to prevent damage to your property and possessions. Plus, a full-service Charlotte long-distance moving company will provide additional services, such as packing or storage, that may come in handy.

Why Make a Move is Your Best Charlotte to Myrtle Beach Moving Company

Before you hire any Charlotte to Myrtle Beach long-distance moving companies, you should verify they have the necessary training and experience to get the job done. Here are a few things to keep an eye on.

  • Carefully read any reviews on Google and Yelp.
  • Visit their home page and look for key statistics like how long they’ve been in business and how many Charlotte to Myrtle Beach moves they’ve performed.
  • Make sure they have the proper licensing and insurance.
  • Do they have the proper moving trucks and professional tools needed to complete the job?
  • Is their customer service team friendly and attentive to your needs?

At Make a Move, we are the best Charlotte to Myrtle Beach long distance movers with the experience and tools to handle any relocation. We’ve been in business for over ten years and perform over 2,500 relocations per year. Our expert crew of Charlotte long-distance movers has the training and professional expertise required to get you to Myrtle Beach safely and on schedule. We also have a great reputation in the moving industry, with over 200 positive reviews on Google to prove it.

Our team receives special training in skills that are essential to long-distance moves, including packing, assembly and disassembly, and project coordination. We also have a fleet of clean, well-maintained moving trucks equipped with state-of-the-art GPS and professional tools like straps, furniture blankets, dollies, boxes, tape, and more. So when you’re looking for the top Charlotte long-distance moving company, look no further than Make a Move.


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Charlotte to Myrtle Beach Moving Costs

Many factors can impact the cost of moving from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach. An experienced crew will set their rates based on the difficulty of the project. Here are a few factors that may impact the pricing:

  • The distance between the origin and the new destination
  • The number of boxes, pieces of furniture, and total weight/volume of the cargo that needs transportation
  • The dates and timing of your relocation
  • Whether or not you need additional services
  • If you require storage before or after your journey

The best way to get an accurate assessment of what it will cost to hire the best Charlotte to Myrtle Beach movers is to reach out and request an estimate. We will gladly take stock of your needs and requirements and provide you with an affordable quote after assessing your home and belongings.

Charlotte to Myrtle Beach Distances & Travel Information

While your belongings are being transported in the truck, you will likely need to figure out how to get from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach.

Here are a few common ways to travel from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach:

  • Driving: It is 175 miles or a 3.5-hour drive from Myrtle Beach to Charlotte NC. It’s also a very scenic drive with plenty of stops to make along the way, including the Kalmia Gardens and the Darlington Raceway.
  • Flying: You can fly from Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) to Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR). Non-stop flights usually take just over 1 hour and start around $150 from airlines like American, United, and Spirit.
  • Train: There is no Amtrak Station in Myrtle Beach, although you can take the train to Florence, South Carolina, then drive or take a bus the rest of the way. You can also take the Greyhound bus from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach, with ticket prices starting at $51. 

When you’re ready to make the journey from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach, trust Make a Move. Our expert Charlotte long distance movers will make sure you arrive safely and on schedule. Call (704) 378-8588 today for a free moving quote.


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