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Charlotte ULTIMATE Utilities Guide | Water, Electric, Gas, Internet & More

Last Updated on: 12th October 2023, 02:49 pm

One of the biggest burdens of moving is transferring or opening new utility accounts. Whether you’re a new transplant or changing your address within the same city, the long to-do list is the same. We created this ultimate guide to Charlotte utilities so you can have all the information in one place and save you hours of resources. Our guide includes top providers, contact information, and information on how to open or change your utility accounts in Charlotte.

Charlotte Gas Utilities | Piedmont Natural Gas

Setting up your gas service is often the first step in the utility process. Piedmont Natural Gas serves the entire state of North Carolina, as well as South Carolina and Tennessee. Piedmont has been around for over 60 years, and has dedicated itself to working towards clean, renewable energy. They are actively involved in giving back to the communities they serve, and even have programs to assist customers who have trouble paying their gas bills.

North Carolina charges residents a 7% sales tax on the sale of natural gas, with some exceptions for qualified farmers. Piedmont charges a base rate of $10 per month, which is the minimum you can expect to pay, plus 7% tax. After that, you will be charged based on your usage at $1.15133 per therm. You can expect your bill to fluctuate from month to month depending on what appliances you use, and how much you use them. Piedmont’s rates change throughout the year as well. You can check current rates by downloading their detailed monthly PDFs here.

Starting service with Piedmont Natural Gas

Piedmont makes starting your gas service easy! You can sign up to start your service here, and you will be given the earliest available appointment. If you’d rather arrange your appointment on the phone, you can call 800-752-7504.

Transferring service with Piedmont Natural Gas

If you’re changing your address within Charlotte and already have an account with Piedmont, you can easily move your service online here. You will need to provide your current address, new address, dates you need to stop and start service, and best contact info. You must activate your water and electric utilities before your scheduled appointment with Piedmont technicians.

Paying your Piedmont Natural Gas bill

Piedmont provides a long list of options for paying your bill! You can register for online payments and even autopay by registering here. If you don’t want to register an account, you can still pay online as a guest. If you’d prefer to pay by text, you can enroll in Piedmont’s Pay by Text Service. To pay your gas bill in person, you can easily find a Piedmont authorized payment location around Charlotte. To pay by phone, call 866-316-3356, but there will be a $3.50 fee. Finally, you can always mail payments to Piedmont Natural Gas, P.O. Box 1246, Charlotte, NC 28201-1246.

Piedmont Natural Gas Contact Information

  • Website:
  • 4720 Piedmont Row Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210
  • Phone: 800-752-7504

Charlotte Water Utilities | City of Charlotte

Another important utility to set up is your water. The Charlotte water utility is set up by the City of Charlotte. They work with you to get your water set up at new residences, old residences, and even businesses. Whether you’re a new resident of Charlotte or an old one, you can start, stop, or transfer your water service all online. Charlotte residents are charged based on a volumetric rate, plus fixed and availability fees. Charlotte residents pay an average of $68.06 per month for water, plus sewer fees.

Water usage rates are divided into 4 tiers:

  • Tier 1 (1-4 Ccf ): $1.69/Ccf
  • Tier 2 (5-8 Ccf): $2.18/Ccf
  • Tier 3 (9-16 Ccf): $5.04/Ccf
  • Tier 4 (Over 16 Ccf): $9.55/Ccf

Sewer Usage:

  • $5.19 Per Ccf of Water Used (up to 16 Ccf)

Fixed Fees:

  • Water: $4.22/month
  • Sewer: $4.22/month

Availability Fees:

  • Water 5/8-inch Connection Size: $1.29/month
  • Water 1-inch Connection Size: $3.22/month
  • Sewer 5/8-inch Connection Size: $8.70/month
  • Sewer 1-inch Connection Size: $21.76/month
  • Disconnection/Reconnection Fee: $16

How to start service with City of Charlotte water

There are a few ways you can open a water utility account in Charlotte. First, you can call 311 or (704) 336-7600 Monday through Friday from 7:00am until 7:00pm and request “water move in” service, and they will help you get set up. You will need your Social Security Number or your Employer Tax Identification Number when you call.

To open your water account in person, you can go to either of the following locations:

If you choose to open your account in person, you will need one of the following forms of identification: Social Security Number, Employer Tax Identification Number, driver’s license or government-issued ID.

Once you have contacted the City of Charlotte to start your water, you should receive service within 24 to 48 hours. There is a $43 charge for new service.

How to transfer service with City of Charlotte water

If you’re moving within Charlotte and already have a water account, you will still need to transfer service. You can do so by calling 311 or (704) 336-7600 and requesting to “transfer a water account.” Lines are open Monday through Friday from 7:00am until 7:00pm.

How to pay your City of Charlotte water bill

The City of Charlotte provides several options for paying your bill. You can pay your bill online by creating an online account. If you prefer to pay over the phone, you call 311 or (704) 336-7600. There are also several authorized payment locations throughout the city, though a $1.49 fee may apply. You can also pay by mail by sending a check or money order to: City of Charlotte, P.O. Box 1316, Charlotte, NC 28201, or drop your payment off at the drive-thru drop-off box at 600 East 4th Street.

City of Charlotte Water Contact Information

Charlotte Electric Utility | Duke Energy

Your Charlotte electric utility is provided by Duke Energy. The monthly billing starts at a basic facilities charge of $14.00, which is the minimum you’ll pay. After that, you will be billed by usage at a rate of $0.092961 per kWh. Customers who receive Supplemental Security Income, are blind, disabled, and/or over the age of 65 are charged $0.084611 for the first 350 kWh of electricity. Duke Energy charges a non-refundable connection fee of $25.87 for all new electric accounts.

How to start your Charlotte electricity

You can click here to begin the process of setting up your Duke Energy service. You will need your Social Security Number, the address you’re requesting service for, start date, and a mailing address if it differs from the address you’re requesting service for.

How to transfer your Charlotte electricity

If you already have a Duke Energy account and just need to transfer service to a new location in Charlotte, it’s easy! You will need the same information as when you set up your account, plus your date of birth and spouse or roommate information.

How to pay your Charlotte electricity bill

Duke Energy offers its customers many ways to pay their bills. Perhaps the easiest option is to register your account to make payments online, or pay online as a guest. You can also opt for automatic billing so you don’t ever have to worry about missing a payment! Duke Energy even goes a step further with their app that lets you pay on your phone. You can also call 800-777-9898 to pay your bill over the phone, or stop into a Duke Energy payment location, which are scattered all over their areas of service. Finally, if you’d like to drop a check in the mail, you can send it to Duke Energy, P.O. Box 70516, Charlotte, NC 28272-0516.

Duke Energy Contact information

Charlotte Internet Utility | EarthLink & AT&T

The top two internet providers in Charlotte are EarthLink and AT&T. AT&T plans in Charlotte start at $35 per month for a 100Mbps connection. EarthLink plans start at $49.95, and they offer customizable plans with speeds up to 1Gbps. You can sign up for AT&T on their website, or call EarthLink at 833-601-5643.

Charlotte Trash Utility | City of Charlotte

The City of Charlotte provides trash removal to its residents. Click here to see what day of the week pickup is for your address, and click here for information regarding recycling schedules. If you have further questions, the Charlotte Solid Waste Services Department can be reached at (704) 336-7600 Monday through Friday from 8AM until 5PM.

There’s a lot that goes into setting up utilities at your new Charlotte home! If you’re researching utility providers in Charlotte because you’re moving here? If so, Make A Move Today is ready to help get you moved with ease! Call the best movers in Charlotte at 704-378-8588 for a free quote today.


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